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5 Days Great Apes Safari
This safari, takes you to the thickly forested areas in Uganda with forests like Kibale having the highest number of primate species in Africa and Bwindi impenetrable forest with half the population of the worlds remaining highly endangered Mountain Goril

8 Days Wanderlust Safari
Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mt. Mgahinga National Park and Queen Elizabeth National park.

1 Day Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Tour
Board your boat, depart for Ngamba Island the Chimpanzee Sanctuary for a briefing before you take tour around the Island. On a viewing platform, see how the Chimps are fed and interact with the care takers at feeding time. This is the climax of your tour.

1 Day White Water Rafting Tour
You do not require any prior experience in rafting or even know how to swim. INCREDIBLE would be an understatement for this unbelievable adventurous water sport on the longest river in the world – the River Nile. White water rafting will take a stimulat


Tourism in Eastern Uganda

    Tourism in Eastern Uganda
    Jinja stands out as the prime tourist destination in eastern Uganda, It boasts of exciting adventures such as Quad biking, bungee jumping and water rafting. Lately, attractions such as the Kagulu Hill challenge have been hyped to promote tourism in the re

    History will place Jinja somewhere in their books, owing to the renowned source of the River Nile. Needless to say, Jinja stands out as the prime tourist destination in eastern Uganda. It boasts of exciting adventures such as Quad biking, bungee jumping and water rafting. Lately, attractions such as the Kagulu Hill challenge have been hyped to promote tourism in the region.

    The Eastern region is a tourist hub given the attractions in other districts such as Mbale, Tororo, Karamoja and Kapchorwa, among others, as well as the deliberate efforts to promote them. Many of the promotion drives spearheaded by tourism associations and enthusiast are being pegged to activities and causes so as to encourage local tourism.

    Most recent is the Tororo Rock hike

    Tourism sites in eastern Uganda need a lot of media publicity. If the media can always write about these sites, I am sure we shall get more tourists coming into the country and in particular the eastern part of Uganda,” he said.

    With the recent race to make all parts of Uganda tourism hot spots, decentralizing of the promotion has been taken on by the different bodies.

    The Tororo Rock
    Location: Tororo Rock lies 5km south east of Tororo Town, 48km from Mbale and 210km East of Kampala. The rock summit at the 4,865ft commands a view of Tororo Town and surrounding areas. It has narrow tracks, grass, bamboo and different varieties of bushes.


    Other tourist attractions in eastern Uganda

    Busitema Forest

    Busitema forest is home to baboons, monkeys, birds and various tree species. The forest is shared by Bugiri, Tororo and Busia but the biggest part is in Tororo. According to John Baraza, a local tour guide in Ndaiga village in Tororo, about seven visitors, mostly from Kenya and neighboring countries, look for tour guides to take them to the forest. The visitors who go to his office always sign a visitor’s book and he has so far registered more than 300 people forest since the beginning of this year.

    Mountain Elgon

    The mountain is found in Mbale on the border of Uganda and Kenya. Its peak is called Wagagai. It is 4,321 metres high and it is the 17th highest in Africa and the 4th highest in Uganda. It has got caves, including Ngwarisha, Makingeny, Chepnyalil, and Kitum. Locally grown Bugisu Arabica coffee can is also found on the slopes of the mountain. Coffee tours are organised through guides with knowledge of coffee farming, processing and roasting.

    Imbalu cultural ceremonies
    The Imbalu culture is also another activity that attracts tourism in the Bugisu region. Imbalu is a cultural practice in Bugisu, which involves circumcision of boys as a way of turning them into men. Today, the Bagisu treat imbalu as a special ceremony which distinguishes them from people from other tribes. The tradition happens mid every even year and it attracts many people from different places.


    Sippi falls
    Sipi Falls is a series of three waterfalls in Kapchorwa District, northeast of Sironko and Mbale lying on the edge of Mt Elgon National Park.

    When one hikes around the falls, they get a nice view of the Karamoja plains, Lake Kyoga, and the slopes of Mt Elgon. There are a number of activities, lodges and backpackers/campsites in the area, offering a range of accommodation to the tourists who always come to visit the falls.

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