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5 Days Great Apes Safari
This safari, takes you to the thickly forested areas in Uganda with forests like Kibale having the highest number of primate species in Africa and Bwindi impenetrable forest with half the population of the worlds remaining highly endangered Mountain Goril

1 Day Kampala City Tour
Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and Uganda is known to many as the ‘Pearl of Africa’. Formerly known as the city of seven hills, Kampala now encompasses over 20 glorious beautiful hills. Kampala is a city of lovely people with genuine smiles as

11 Days Gorilla and Tanzania Safari
Our journey to the Mountain Gorilla land starts at 6:30 am soon after your breakfast. It takes us southwestwards passing through the equator in Masaka, to Mbarara town known as the ‘land of milk’.

11 Days Tanzania - Uganda Adventure
Head to Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable forest, where half the world's population of mountain Gorillas is resident for Mountain Gorilla trekking. In Tanzania for the Big five and at the right time, the dramatic Wildebeest migration.


The transparent lake of Rubirizi

    The transparent lake of Rubirizi
    You can easily look through the water. Even when you throw a stone in it, you can see it slowly go down with your naked eye which is not the same with other lakes

    The community members will hardly tell you the location of Lake Kamunzuku. Situated in Kasyohakitomi Forest, this crater lake, one of the 32 lakes in Rubirizi District, is nonetheless a gem due to the crystal clear nature of its waters.
    So clear that one can see the bottom of the lake and fish swimming in some of the parts.

    “You can easily look through the water. Even when you throw a stone in it, you can see it slowly go down with your naked eye which is not the same with other lakes,” says Raphael Muhima, a 75-year-old fisherman. The lake, located in Nyangororo village in Bunyaruguru, like other crater lakes in the district, was formed by volcanicity.

    Muhima reveals that since the lake is located in the forest, it has become a relaxing place for young people and women who collect firewood from Kasyohakitomi as well as hunters who swim in the waters.

    David Birungi, the proprietor Nyanzibiri eco-tourism site, says Lake Kamunzuku is a valuable tourism feature which has been neglected because of its location in the forest yet it has very distinctive features like crystal clear waters, the hunters cave where hunters from Kasyohakitomi as well fishermen roast their catch before going back home and sometimes light up fires and spend nights.

    “The lake is well positioned in the forest which enables it to harbour different bird species such as ducks, fish eagle and other wild animals like chimpanzees, baboons, calabash monkeys, velvet monkeys, red barks (enzororo in Runyaruguru language), forest pigs, monitor lizards and many others which are not in most lakes
    According to Rubirizi District planner, Edmond Kansiime, Lake Kamunzuku is said to be a transparent lake because the rock basement on which it sits is shiny and attracts sun rays easily.
    “When sun rays are reflected, they cause water to be transparent since it is not contaminated. This makes it a very unique crater lake in Uganda and the whole of Africa,’’ he says.
    Rubirizi is among the 25 districts that are believed to have oil and gas and gold deposits.
    “A number of exploration studies have been taken by relevant authorities to assess whether Lake Kamunzuku has oil or gold but there are no official results to ascertain this. However, what remains significant is that Lake Kamunzuku and Rubirizi district lie on the Albertine region,” Kansiime says.
    Contrary to the belief by residents, Kansiime says, National Forestry Authority (NFA) took charge of the lake for its proper management and conservation.
    “There is limited access to fishing since it is not near the community and it is illegal to fish in this lake. The communities are allowed to go there to have a view of the lake,’’ he says.
    Rubirizi District natural resource officer, Monday Lwanga, revealed that at the moment the district does not have a tourism plan designed to cater for such resources since the district is six years old.
    “The district, tourism here is not organised as we do not have a tourism plan where we can generate revenue from but currently we benefit from hotels in the area that are purely for tourism. The district charges $1 per visitor everyday (about Shs3,500). Meanwhile we are planning to develop a tourism plan for the district,’’ he says.






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